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Top iPhone 5S Case With Waterproof Guarantee: Fully TouchID Compatible

The iPhone 5S with a home button that also work as a fingerprint scanner has some problem with manufacturers engaged in providing cases and covers. Recently, a couple of manufacturers have released iPhone 5S case that’s not only waterproof, but is also compatible with the TouchID of the handset. Incipio Atlas ID The new iPhone

Top iPhone 5 Case For People Scared Of Dropping Handsets

If you can visualize an armored casing for an iPhone, then compare it with the one offered by Lunatik as shown in the image above. The Taktik Case for both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is designed to look and provide the features of a military vehicle. One of the most popular designers on the

Best iPhone 4 Case To Let You Answer Calls Even From Deep Sea

iPhone 4 cases are one of the accessory, which we keep our readers updated with every month. This month we have a new candidate to get listed under the best iPhone 4 case category for its feature to let you carry the iPhone 4 even in an environment where water dominates. The iPhone 4 case