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Top 5 iOS App For iPhone And iPad: From Cydia And iTunes App Store

Here is the list of top 5 iOS app you can download from both iTunes as well as the Cydia  store for jailbroken iDevices. 1. LINE Camera: Previously available only on Android has just ported right through to the Application Store, enables you to decide on from the huge inventory of effects to be able

Compare Carriers To Find Out Best Carrier For Specific Places

Many times it happens that when you shift to some other location, your current carrier starts facing issues like weak signals, carrier coverage spectrum and more. Today, we are going to tell you about a latest iPhone app to sort this issue out. This app is named as CarrierCompare, as the name suggests, it let

Latest iPhone App: Dream:ON To Manipulate Your Dreams

As you know, that our dream is a mystery, we all dream while sleeping and see different and strange things happening to us. A psychologist has created an iPhone app named as Dream:ON, as the name suggests, it has direct relation with user’s dreams. What the app does that it is designed to influence the

Top iOS App: WriteUp, A Note-Taking App With Dropbox Support

Today, we have a new note-taking app for all your iOS devices. This app is named as WriteUp, which does not only let you take your notes, rather provides with dropbox support, various color styles to select from, note revision support and much more. It is not for the first time that App Store came

Sparrow For iPhone Launched As A Perfect Third-Party Mail App

A very popular Mac email client known as Sparrow now has made its way to iTunes app store in the form of an app for iOS devices. This will serve the iOS users as perfect mail app alternate replacing the native mail app and Google Gmail app also. This is actually a third party email