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New iPad Faces The Issue Of Unstable 3G Connection

Earlier, New iPad was in the rumors for some of its issues faced by its users. The main issue was that its body gets extra ordinarily warm resulting in inconvenience. Other than that, the second main issue which still is in the news is its weak Wi-Fi connectivity. Now, there is one more issue that

Apple Has Its 7.85″ iPad Mini In Its Lab: Rumor

Earlier, when New iPad was not launched, speculations circulating in the market were hinting that there may be two new iPads, one as the next-generation and another as the iPad Mini. However, at the launch, we got only New iPad, but now the iPad Mini rumors made a comeback a statement by John Gruber on

Skype For iPad Updated For New iPad’s Retina Display

One of the top social-networking clients that let you keep in touch with all those far away from you is Skype. It is the service very popular among the users for its very competitive prices. Moreover, it is the first social-networking service which provided the facility of voice chat for the first time. The Skype

Keep New iPad On Charging Even After Its 100% Charging Claim

The New iPad is in the hot rumors for its Retina Display, the apps updated for its Retina Display, its issues and more new things about it. Here, we are going to tell you about the latest news on this latest tablet. The news comes from an statement given by Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, creator