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Best iPad Case For Music Lovers: Eight Powerful Speakers Attached

If you are in search for best iPad case that can somehow augment you music addiction, then you can’t get better than this. Apple iPad is known to have a speaker that just cannot satisfy listeners on its own and needs a good headphone or speaker dock to enhance the experience. The iPad case in news

Best iPad Waterproof Case That Provides Protection Without Screen Protector

You might have gone through several iPad case that promises protection from water damage and free fall on concrete, but all of them restrict the touch experience by adding a thick screen protector. However, the manufacturer of nuud has somehow managed to acheive all the waterproofing without covering the screen with thick plastic. LifeProof is

Custom iPad Cases With Your Favorite Instagram Photos Emblazoned

Most of the smartphone owners are aware of Instagram and its photo-sharing service, and ever since the company has released an Android version the number of addicts has multiplied. If you’re one of those Instagram fans, then you already have numbered of good photos posted to the network. A recently launched product from Casetagram will

Latest iPad Case: NoteBookCase To Turn Your iPad Into Laptop

Now, you can convert your iPad into a laptop or say miniature MacBook Pro with the latest iPad accessory. The accessory we are talking about is named as NoteBookCase, and it is the attachable keyboard for the iPads. Once attached, you can treat your iPad as your laptop. This case provides with a number of