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Add iOS 5.1-Like Camera Shortcut To iOS 5 And iOS 5.0.1 Devices

As you know, that iOS 5.1 brings a list of new features, one of those top new features is the lock screen camera shortcut However, there is already a camera shortcut which lives on the lock screen, but iOS 5.1 brings a quicker shortcut, that just let you slide and camera is ready to capture

iOS 5.1 Integrate Yelp With Siri Along With Japanese Support

As you know, that with the launch of latest iOS 5.1, Siri has also received an update offering the users with Japanese support. However, it not the only update as there is something more in its software update. Other than the Japanese Support with Siri updates, iOS 5.1 also has brought the Yelp integration with

iOS 5.1: Features, Compatibility And Direct Download

Apple announced to bring the latest iPad along with upgraded iOS on March 7th, it kept its promise and announced both of its new products. We have told you about iPad 3, now let’s have a look on iOS 5.1 and the way you can download it on your device. The recently upgraded iOS which