First iPhone 5S Case With Real Thermal Imager: Record In Pitch Darkness


The iPhone owners with love for photography and willing to achieve everything expensive professional camera can do can now boast another enhancement to the Apple phone. The first ever thermal imager for iPhone has just been unveiled in a size that can easily sit inside your pocket.

The Flir One is an iPhone case that easily fits on both iPhone 5S as well as iPhone 5, and once connected allows a user to see things in the pitch dark with the help of heat sensitive sensors. The manufacturer has designed it like any other iPhone 5 case, and reveal all the infrared environment on the phone’s screen.


The Flir One is the real thermal imager, and not just software-based trickery that you may find offered by several photography apps. The accessory works on the principle that infrared light with longer wavelength can show things even without actual source of light, and sensors that can pick these wavelengths has been in use, mainly by military and other government agencies.

The product comes with a dedicated iOS app called Flir One MX app, and will make normal things in daily life much more interesting. The app will allow you to read temperatures from a distance without even touching the surface. On the photography front, you can use it for various effects and manipulations.

Like any other thermal imager, Flir One also requires some extra battery juice, and the manufacturer has included a 1,400mAh battery to help you run the imager for almost two hours without worrying about your iPhone charge.

According to the press release, you can use the Flir One in more than one situation:

  • Homeowners can use the device to identify heating or cooling leaks in building.
  • On trekking you can monitor wildlife even in the dark.
  • Check temperature of the food in the pot and determine if it’s fully cooked.
  • Detect intruders even in the night and total darkness

The Flir One price is around $350 and will hit the store in early Spring 2014 in several color options to choose from like white, grey or gold. Application developer can download the SDK for the tool from the official site link below.

via Flir One


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