Top 10 iPhone Camera Apps: Best Tools For iOS Photography

The iPhone camera is ever improving in terms of resolution and clarity, but even after that you always need a better app to bring the most out of the hardware provided. Now, as we are close to 2014, app store has crossed the mark of a million apps, and one of the most sought-after categories is photography. The list below will help you save time searching for the best iPhone 5S camera app.

1. ProCamera 7


The photo editing app with features that will make it easy for you to recompose the snapped pictures with more than 75 filters and special effects. The controls are easily accessible with simple touchscreen gestures. The app provides powerful control over the iPhone camera with a feature to control the shutter speed that in turn gives better pictures in low light situations.

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2. Facetune


The app does bring magic to the photos you capture from the iPhone. The photo editor helps you conceal flaws like erase wrinkles, enhance complexion, alter eye and hair shade, and also reshape facial structures, and make people in a picture look as if they have just been to the beauty parlor. If you are not happy with the emotions on the subject’s face, then that application provides you with a tool to expand a smile.

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3. Mextures



This is yet another filter based app, but unlike many others, the filters on Mextures offer a multitude of gradients, effects, and textures. Include as many as your photo needs to develop spectacular, specialized looking graphics.

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4. Flipagram


You can use the pictures on your iPhone or take new ones and then use music or sound track from your music app to give a background. Once put together, you’ll be able to modify your slide show to match correctly with Instagram’s time constraints, or publish complete programs to Facebook.

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5. PicPlayPost



Another slide show creating app for your iPhone. This app allows you to include a number of photographs, videos, and GIFs, to a single collection. Once you are satisfied with the collection, you can use your music collection to add the background track to complete the creation.

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6. Over


The must have iPhone photo app that gives a huge collection of banners, logos, icons, and clipart to transform any picture to a professional poster that you can proudly share on Facebook and other networking sites.

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7. Tadaa SLR


The professional camera app that everyone should have on their iPhone. The app allows you to use a new picture or an image from iPhone camera roll, and hide out the subject. Lastly, tap over the individual you want to highlight, and it will sharply focus the person, while fading the rest of the background.

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8. LoryStripes


As the name implies the app allows you to put stripes almost anywhere you choose on your picture. It is possible to conceal them at the rear of things, encapsulate them around intended item or person, and many more. The app comes with a collection of 41 unique stripes with 119 preset designs, and 61 distinct colors with nine shades and mixes.

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9. Spark Camera


Using this app, you’ll be able to create a video that will use several clips from an event with full control over the moments you think is worth a place. Once finished with the video, add songs from your iOS music library to produce smooth montage videos, and share it with your friends and relatives via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

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10. Tangent


The complete iPhone photo editing tool for those interested in ready to use designs and patterns as the app offers 35 fully customizable styles, 72 shapes, 68 patterns, 350 blends and more.

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