Top 10 iOS 7 Tricks You Must Know: Blocking Calls To Connecting With Other iPhones

Now that many new iPhone 5S, 5C and 5 have arrived as gift bringing more people to the club, it would be interesting for new adopters to learn a few tricks on iOS 7 firmware.


1. Number Blocking
Now you don’t have to install separate apps to block unwanted calls. The new iPhone you got offers an option to do that. Simply go to your iPhone’s Settings > Phone > Blocked. Tap over “Add New” and enter the number you want to block.

2. Hidden Control Panel
There is a full fledged control panel on the new iOS 7 powered iPhone that offers all the frequently used settings options. To access the hidden control panel, simply swipe up your screen from the bottom of the display. As you will notice there are options like brightness control, Wifi toggle, Bluetooth toggle, and many more. Interestingly, there is this flashlight button also to use rear LEDs as a torch.

3. Connecting With Other iPhones
Among the set of buttons and controls in the newly added Control Panel mentioned above. There is this “AirDrop” button located in the middle of the panel. You can use the AirDrop button to wirelessly transfer photos, links and even contacts to nearby handsets.

4. SMS time record
The much-anticipated feature is now included with the new firmware. You can check the time text message arrived on your phone. To see the SMS time, simply open that particular message and swipe from the right to left on your iPhone screen.

5. Automatic Apps and Games Update
Unlike previous iOS, you can now make updates happen automatically instead of doing it manually from the App store. To make updates without delay simply go to your iPhone Settings > iTunes > App Store and enable the “Updates” option.

6. Spotlight Search
Your iPhone powered by iOS 7 offers a quick access to search bar to find anything on your phone. Simply, swipe down in the middle of your home screen, and you will find the Spotlight search option on the top.

7. Level Meter on iPhone
The Compass app by default now offers a level meter also. To access the newly added level tool, launch the Compass app, then swipe from the right to left, and you will find the level meter.

8. Free iTunes Radio
You can now enjoy an endless stream of free songs on your iPhone 5S and other iPhones running iOS 7. The new iTunes Radio offers free music streaming over the Internet, simply start the Music app on your phone and tap over the “Radio” button located at the bottom.

9. Youtube and Google Maps Requirements
Unlike previous iOS and iPhone, the new handset requires you to download the YouTube and Google Map apps from the iTunes app store. Simply, start the App store app and search for Google Maps and Youtube and install it. They are free and better than the stock mapping solution from Apple.

10. Stopping background apps draining battery
There are apps running in the background draining your iPhone battery. Now, you can tell those apps not to run in the background by going to the phone Settings >> General >> and enabling Background App Refresh.


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