How To Use iPhone 5 Bluetooth For Transferring Files To Android and PC?

Apple has made it clear that they are not going to allow iOS based iPhone owners to use Bluetooth for file transfer. Even with iOS 7 there is no such option, you can only use the feature for connecting Bluetooth powered headset. So, how to transfer that picture and contacts from your iPhone 5 gallery and contacts to your friend’s Android phone? Well, the answer is simple and straight; you can easily install an app called AirBlue or Celeste 2 to break Apple’s unforgiving policy.

Despite the fact that all iOS device supports the latest Bluetooth protocol, but it only facilitates a fixed variety of Bluetooth’s profiles. Consequently, iphone users still are unable to transfer files between iOS powered devices or any other device that supports Bluetooth. To make the matter simple we have jailbreak and its app store Cydia that is full of applications made to give you a restriction-free experience. Initially, it was Celeste that allowed iPhone owners to transfer files over Bluetooth, but the application seemed to have too many bugs for hassle-free connectivity. Now, we have not one but two such iOS application; one is updated Celeste 2.0 that promises bug-free file transfer and another is AirBlue, and both allow users to transfer files to any device via Bluetooth, and it includes Android powered phones and tablets also.

Celeste 2


Once installed, Celeste 2, will include a new Share with Celeste option together with the Bluetooth icon in the sharing section in several apps, including iPod/Music, Photos, Notes, Dropbox, iBooks, Contacts, Safari, etc., making the whole process very simple and easy. The new Celeste 2 will work with any iOS device running iOS 4 to iOS 6, and to download it simply start your Cydia and search for Celeste 2.



Totally compatible with iPhone and other iOS devices powered by iOS 4.2, 5 and through iOS 6. The app requires no manual settings whatsoever, just install it, and you will get the power to transfer files like a default feature. The file transfer rate is also impressive with up to 1.8 MB/s, and best of all you can transfer directly from iOS apps like Notes, Music, Photos, Videos, Contacts and many more.

The Airblue is available via BigBoss repo, and if you have a jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, you can simply search for the app on Cydia, and you will get the application.

Note: Both the Bluetooth file sharing apps are paid.


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