Google Wallet Credit Card Reading Capability: How It will help the user?


Google Wallet is struggling to avoid the fate of Google’s NFC initiative, and in a bid to woo users has recently created headlines by introducing a feature that does not make huge difference to the overall experience. The Wallet app has been updated on both iOS as well as Android to include this new OCR based feature that assists users to add a credit card to the account by simply taking the snap of it using the smartphone’s camera. The new feature will use optical character recognition technology to scan the image of your credit card and instantly record number along with its expiration detail.

Initially, Google released the Google Wallet exclusively for the Android users, but sensing the blunder, decided to make it available on iOS also. The search engine giant has a record of betting on technology that ultimately fails miserably, and NFC is one of the recent examples. The iOS Google Wallet app provides an electronic archive for both credit cards as well as the loyalty cards. If you are on iPhone then you can also use the app to access offers that are served up depending on location.

The updated Google Wallet application increases the efficiency to the service, giving the user more tools to make payments making use of their mobile device. Among the list of features one that will really excite you is the ability to buy things at stores that accept MasterCard and even use ATMs to withdraw cash. Google has tried its best to make the Wallet more appealing and has even provided a single sign-in feature, enabling users to login instantly to their wallet if they make use of other single sign-in characteristics.

However, the main reason Google Wallet is finding it difficult to demonstrate its presence, is the lack of interest from retailers to include the Google Wallet options for transactions.


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