Best Free Android Games Released For Addicts: Google Gaming Bonus 2014

Game lovers are going to get very busy in 2014 as Google has announced special enhancements for the category in the coming months. On the developer’s side, they posted new Android games on Play Station, and we have compiled the list of best Android games this month with the direct links to download it right on to your handset.

1. Meltdown


Devloper BulkyPix is already popular among mobile game lovers for releasing best action games like Type Rider and Dead Effect. Now the team has launched yet another action game Meltdown on Android Google Play. With this game, you enjoy a standard, serious arcade action full of weapons and a hero wearing armor suit and red bandana. The game offers 30 interesting levels filled with destruction and tools to finish bad guys off the screen.

One of the features that makes it attractive to the new generation of gamers is the multiplayer mode that allows players from other platforms to join the fight.

Click here to download free from the Google Play Store.

2. Nightmare: Malaria


The newest game to hit the Play Store is also the darkest of all titles. In the game, you will engage with deadly disease malaria, and with total 21 levels, you will find the sessions quite engaging. In the game, you will save teddy bears to proceed ahead while protecting against malaria carrying mosquitoes. The game is free to download.

Google Play Store Link

3. Big Game Hunter


Smartphone and tablet owners will enjoy this popular title available on Play Store as free Android game. If you loved playing Deer Hunt, then this is the must have android game for your handset. In the game, you undertake America’s largest missions like hunting huge bears, mountain lions, dangerous moose during mating time of year, and other numerous deer and wild birds. The game offers a variety of weapons for all the hunting missions, and you can pick from options that include rifles and shotguns.

Google Play Store Link

4. Angry Birds Go


Game developer Rovio has launched the newest version of the popular Android game called Angry Birds Go. The free to download game offers cart racing full of characters from the Angry Birds game. The game clearly borrows elements of the popular Mario Kart game as here also you will be moving around on cart collecting coins and weapons with a stunning 3D background.

Google Play Store Link

5. Knightmare Tower

The new tower defense game on Google Play that is already a hit on the iOS app store. In game, you play as a knight that has to protect the kingdom’s beautiful princesses taken hostage by an evil character and locked inside a high tower. The game controls include tappings and tilting to control the various movements like collecting coins and fighting monster.

Google Play Store Link

Google Gaming Category Bonus 2014

Google has finally realized the power of games to pull mobile owners stuck with Apple. Starting February 2014, Google Play Store will get revamped with attention focused on games. Google is now allowing developers to pick an extra category to get their game outlined in, although transformation will take effect in February 2014. Google is going to add new categories to the Play Store, and all are for games. Currently, there are 8 and on you will soon find 17 more that includes adventure, arcade, action, music, simulation, strategy, role playing, puzzle, casino, casual, racing, sports, card, board, trivia, word, and family.


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