Best Android Phones 2014: Galaxy S5, HTC One 2, LG G3

Smartphone lovers have already received best Android phones 2013 has to offer, and many have postponed their planned upgrade as flagship phones 2014 are already on the doorsteps. The first major release to hit the stores in 2014 is Samsung Galaxy S5, and it will be followed immediately by LG G3. Well, the list below sums up reports of the upcoming phones from the major manufacturers.

1. Samsung Galaxy S5



The reports coming from the Samsung’s own country suggest we might get 5.25 inch display with resolution of 2560×1440.
Yes, the display of GS5 is claimed to be curved, but some Korean analyst has expressed doubt over the company’s ability to mass produce such a component.


Along with big and bright screen, Galaxy S5 will get desktop level processing via 64bit CPU, and it will be Snapdragon 800 with support of 3GB of RAM.

The rear camera is going to stay at 13MP, but with some sensor and software enhancement, it will allow you to capture better images in low light situation.

2. LG G3


The LG flagship Android phone in 2014 is going to make the life bit tougher for Galaxy brand as buyers showed lots of interest in the LG G2 for specs and design combo. The new LG G3 specs could feature a major hardware upgrade that can even beat leading brands like Galaxy S5 and HTC One 2 both arriving in 2014.

The reports posted by an online tech magazine suggest LG G3 will feature a QHD display with resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The flagship handset will arrive with processor to match the rivals. The octa-core CPU is already in development and may get unveiled as LG Odin.

The phone might feature a 16MP rear camera.

Fingerprint Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker

Well, if rumored are to be LG is all set to make 2014 a special year for smartphone market. LG is not only going to add a fingerprint scanner like one on iPhone 5S, but will beat Galaxy Gear by offering its own LG G3 smartwatch called G Arch. There is another companion LG G3 accessory, and it is called G Health, which is a dedicated fitness tool.

3. HTC One 2


Recently, HTC upcoming flagship handset made headlines by simply revealing its wax model. The forthcoming flagship phone from Taiwan is HTC M8, or the HTC One successor (or HTC Two, or HTC One 2). Although HTC One was received by customers with all the positive feedbacks, company itself suffered huge losses in terms of money.

The HTC One 2 specs will likely continue its Max-like fingerprint scanner. On the processor side, we again might see a 64bit CPU, but like previous model, HTC is going to impress buyers with stunning design combined with useful apps.


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