Best Android Game Emulators: Dreamcast PlayStation Nintendo DS And SEGA

Android phone owners can now enjoy games from best consoles ever released. The power to install and play console games on your Android device is awesome as you have hundreds of games from various platforms, and most of the time free to download.

1. Reicast (Dreamcast)


The latest in the series of emulators released on the Play Store, Reicast is the best android game emulator for Sega Dreamcast. The emulator app will allow you to play all the top Sega games released for the console. However, to get the best result you must have Android phone with processor clocked at speed 1GHz+ onward and dual-core Cortex A9 chipset for ideal play. You can install the emulator directly from the Google Plays Store and read more on installing the BIOS on your handset.

Play Store Link

2. DraStic DS Emulator (Nintendo DS)


The top Nintendo DS emulator for your Android phone is not free, but less than ten dollar price is nothing compared to the number of free games you can enjoy. The emulator is already a hit on the Play Store with many positive feedbacks. However, like any other emulator, you will find minor glitches here and there, but you will find it satisfactory in terms of available titles.

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3. FPse (PlayStation)


Currently, there are two most downloaded PlayStation emulator for Android, ePSXe and FPse. Both offer number of advantages over another, and you can try them from the links below. The FPse offers more control options, and has better stability, but it may depend on the device you are trying these emulator apps. In terms of ROM compatibility, FPse is considered as better as it provides more options. However, the emulator is not for everyone as it requires little learning before you can master the features if offers. Enjoy Tekken 3 on Android.

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4. Nostalgia.NES (NES)

Play Mario On Android with this NES emulator that offers all the hit games and easy to play controls. This is the best Android game emulator in terms of stability and level of customization offered by the developer. You will find features to customize virtual controller and the rewind as quite innovative.

Google Play Store Link

5. PPSSPP (Sony PSP)


This top PSP emulator for Android is far from perfect, but you can rely on it for best PlayStation Portable games. Available on the Google Play Store, and you can download after reading through all the feedbacks provided by the users. This way, you will be ready for the solution even before encountering the problem

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