Top 10 New Android Apps: List Of Utility Tools

The following is the list of the top ten Android apps under category Utility as per the chart this month:

1) Square Cash


Today you can send cash via email using the Square Cash application. Even you don’t require to have a Square account. It is only an email address and a debit card you need to have. For that you just need to do to link your debit card on your e-mail and then you can send the money. It is fast, secure and best of all, you need not to pay transaction charges. Even the app is also free.
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2) Mixbit


Its an app produced by a pair of former YouTube creators, this app provides users to edit, record and publish videos whether it is short or long .
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3) Holo Text Clock


Holo text clock is an app to look at the time in an unique way. The grid of letters has a few lighted words showing the time. There are also four lighted bulbs at the bottom part showing the number of minutes earlier than it gets to an exact time. It is easy to use and you also can select a colour of your liking to your clock.
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4) Week Calender


Google and some other sources. In either case, you can edit in bulk, create templates and much more. Its also an free app.

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5) Waterbot


Waterbot is a wonderful app for all who are gardeners or greenery lover. It is an easy reminder service to providing water to your plants. You also can take pictures of plants to be used as prototypes. On top of that, it is at zero cost.
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6) Profile Flow


Now you can set your Android up to automatically settings based on your location. You neen not to have manually doing log into Wi-Fi and GPS daily. Besides, you can automate changes depending on location, battery level, time, day, particular Wi-Fi networks, and much more. It enables and disables the things with the click of a switch.
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7) Amazon Appstore


An operating system permits you to install apps from everywhere, not only the traditional app store. There are a lots of alternative app stores from where many commercial apps can be down. The most considerable of these, is Amazon’s Appstore.

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8) Shazam


This app helps to find the name, artist, and much more about a song or else . One touch and you’ll get lyrics, videos, purchase options and a lot more. The recent update (4.1) shows the “Friends Feed” feature renamed “News Feed” in expectation of a future launch.

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9) Feedly


This app is amazing and intuitive, Among the popular RSS readers for Android. The latest update gives an extremely quicker experience along with a sharp widget.

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10) Black Friday Deal Finder


The app has mobile purchasing for a greater part of vacation deals from the greater retailers along with a refined advanced filter. Getting the perfect deals all around should verify to be no difficulty in this year.

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