Apple tests bigger screens to beat Samsung


Apple has been getting tough competition with its rival Samsung. Samsung’s bigger screens are beginning to become more popular than the Apple tablet and phone, so Apple Inc. is now testing larger screens for its products.

Providers claim that Apple has been asking for larger screens than the customary sizes. The IPad is currently 10 inches and Apple reportedly asked for it in 13 inches, and the IPhone 5 is about 4 inches and Apple asked providers to make it 5 inches.

The popularity of the big screen comes from Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung. Samsung smart phones have a large display and give the user a tablet-phone type experience. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has been a huge hit, selling ten million phones in the period of a month.

There are many speculations predicting that Apple will unveil two of its IPhones later this year. One will be an update for the IPhone 5, and the other will be IPhone that are available in many different colors.


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