Selected Robust Cases to Protect Your Expensive iPhone 5

Otterbox Armor Series


This will make your iphone as strong as a Nokia. It can stand a 10ft drop to concrete. You dropped your iphone in the pool on accident?No problem, because this can survive submersion under water up to 6.6 ft. for 30 minutes. Car drives over your phone? Don’t worry, this case can withstand 2 tons of crushing force. This costs $99. Link to purchase Otterbox Armour Series  Rated 4/5 stars



Make your iPhone a military device with this case.  Friend pushes you off a boat? This can stay submerged in 6.6 ft of water for 60 minutes.Drop your phone during a snow ball fight? This case is fully enclosed to keep snow,sleet and ice out. Drop your phone off the stairs? This can withstand drops from 6.6 feet. This case costs $80. Link to purchase LifeProof Case  Rated 4.5/5 stars

Invisible Shield Extreme

This uses the same  resilient film first used to protect U.S. Military helicopter blades. It is made with exclusive properties that will allow it to ”heal.” It will also reduce those oily smudges on your phone. If the  cover is damaged, Zagg will replace it for free. No wonder over 50 million have bought this product. It costs $40. Link to purchase  Invisible Shield Extreme   Rated 4.1 /5 stars


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