iPhone 5S In High Definition: Nothing Valuable About It


Only recently we heard stories about Apple’s plan to ditch iPhone 5S in favor of more appealing title of iPhone 6, but it seems the company is still following the tradition. Today, we have received an image of selected internal hardware in high-def of purported iPhone 5S. Despite the fact that the parts in the image does not hold any major clue, but still BGR chose to tag it from iPhone 5S and not iPhone 6.


If you love reading about upcoming Apple products and enjoy leaked images then the latest revelation for a change is not the infamous blurrycam shot but pictures in full HD. The source behind the leak is BGR and the site is known for its previous reliable posting of images of upcoming Apple devices.


The images above are of iPhone 5S nano-SIM tray and vibrator/audio control flex connection, and they are obviously not that important for normal users. Nonetheless, it’s good to have a clearer access from the unquestionably blurred photos released in the past.

Only few weeks back reports citing Vodafone UK’s private inventory suggested that Apple is going to skip iPhone 5S and will release the iPhone 6 directly to beat the competition posed by rival Android handsets. Regardless this is to be the event or not is matter of debate, but one thing is guaranteed, the upcoming device will not offer much difference as far as design is concerned.


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