iPhone 5 And Galaxy S4 Gaming: Hopelessly Restricted To Running And Jumping


The most popular games on iPhone and Android handsets if analysed carefully are mostly restricted to endless running and jumping and picking points in the process. The Temple Run, Batman, and now Running With Friends, which is a 3D game for the iOS powered devices. Sorry, Android owners always come second in priority for the game developers.

Running With Friends game is yet another endless running adventure, where the player has to save his bottom from raging bulls. Currently, the game has surged up the chart becoming the best free iOS game on Appleā€™s iTunes App Store. The developer behind the title is new to the category and yet has managed to beat the big gaming studios in such a short time span.

The animated game is comparable to other iOS games as it can easily be listed under the “endless running” style made popular by games like Subway Surfers and RUA2, where the all you have to do is running ahead inside a THREE DIMENSIONAL surroundings right up until a maximum score is achieved. In Running with Friends, you are required to dodge bulls, traffic barriers, barrels, and more, while collecting points in form of stars.

The developer of the game also has bundled a unique element in which gamers can play against other individuals on-line. Players also can fight alongside other people who are selected automatically, or play the game against Facebook buddies.

The game also won Editor’ Choice just e day after it was made available on the iTunes store. Although, the developer Eat Sleep Play is new to the iOS gaming, but earlier developed console video games for the PS3. The most popular game title developed by them is Twisted Metal, and it still has millions of fans worldwide.

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