Google Glass Bad News Along with Exciting New Capability Revelation


Google Glass is the most talked about project from Google in the recent years. The company after failing and closing several projects has finally picked on the one that has attracted huge interest from users belonging to the various walks of life.

However, if you were following the updates on the Google Glass, then the CEO of the company has just announced that the wearable is not coming this year, and this will certainly disappoint millions expecting the device in or before December 2013.

In case you have modest curiosity about technological innovation, you’ve possibly already been fascinated by the Google Glass’s capability. The new wearable gadget delivers sci-fi styled HUD display with information floating in front of the eyes of the user. The Google Glass specs includes Android OS and powerful and expensive hardware taking the price beyond thousand dollar mark.

in capable, and powerful enough hardware all inside a pair of glasses, allowing users to get a layer of information right on top of their eye view, with a user interface that is designed specifically for their eyes. The Google basically consists of two major components, one is the embedded projector inside a prism, and another is the camera that helps create AR style environment for the person wearing the device.

The new exciting feature that is creating headlines on various tech blog sites is the Google Glass’s capability to translate eye blinks into commands. So, you can take a picture by simply a wink gesture as revealed by the codes discovered by developers testing the device.

The code snippet below demonstrates the actions triggered by a wink:






A number of fascinating information have been discovered, like “GUEST_MODE_TURNED_OFF”, which implies that Google is effectively guessing that a lot of users would like to share the device with friends and glasses: guest mode will possibly make the entire user’s personalization and private info unavailable to, guest user.

However, the most disliked part of the package is the price of Google Glass, which is going to stay in the range of $1500 a unit, and goes beyond the budget of many.


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