Top Jailbreak Application To Personalize Home Screen Icons on iPhone 5


The absence of true native customization on iOS has given jailbreak developers a complete theme category, and despite the presence tweaks like IconoClasm and Springtomize 2, the easiest to customize Home Screen app is definitely CustomGrid, which has just been updated to bring support to the iPhone 5 and devices running iOS 6 and above.

The simplicity of the CustomGrid 2 can be appreciated by comparing it to a more powerful tweak called Iconoclasm, which demands user to download templates prior to selecting them from the app. CustomGrid is popular for its ability to let jailbreakers modify the layout of icons in a far more easier way. Organizing icons may sound unnecessary, but it can in fact have many effective uses. One of the most popular utilization is the cramming up of all of the favorite apps and games on the first page, freeing you from the requirement of constant scrolling across multiple pages.

CustomGrid 2 means you can have your games or app icons precisely the way you’d like them, and not restricted by iOS strict policy on playing around with stock layout . Another powerful yet simple feature worth mention is that it also work with the app switcher and dock, and does work with famous tweaks SBRotator, Springtomize, and Infiniboard.

Once installed you can configure options right from the native Settings of the iOS. You can download it via BigBoss repo on the Cydia app store for the small price of $0.99.


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