Top Cydia App Puts a Live Compass in the Status Bar


The Cydia apps has always been able to bring modifications that make iOS device a lot more interesting to use. The latest Jailbreak app called DirectionBar is one such tweak that will add an interesting and powerful feature never seen before on the app store.

DirectionBar brings a whole new icon to the iOS Status Bar. The icon is in reality a tiny compass, and it shows the direction in real time, so that you always aware of the way North. It will show up in the Status Bar from any app, home screen, and also in the lock screen.

Once installed, the Status Bar icon will appear in twin-shaded white and red icon; on the other hand, the icon can be customized with available many pre-loaded alternatives to choose from. As you will notice in the image above the icon displayed is among the numerous choices that the app comes with.

The jailbreak app is developed by Rudolf Lichtner, and will be made available for free. The app is currently in the beta stage and will be uploaded via ModMyi repo within next week.


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