Top 5 Jailbreak Applications Released On Cydia This Week: QuickPhoto, Signal 2 And More

The following is the list of top jailbreak tweaks released this week in case you’ve missed the updates, this summary will highlight the best of the lot available.


1. QuickPhoto: The powerful Cydia app that will allow you to snap a pic without even launching the camera app. The QuickPhoto is a keyboard based application that lets you simply type images and videos to individuals without needing to move over the various steps of including one picture after another to send it. The tweak works in a number of apps, including Facebook, Messages, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Tweetbot, mail, WhatsApp, Messages+, biteSMS and more.


2. Signal 2: The tweak lets you see your entire nearby cell phone towers mapped out right on your iPhone screen. The app is ideal for viewing coverage is in your location.

3. Animer: Customize animations for iOS banner notifications, pop-up, and the App Switcher. There are many distinct fade and zoom motion options for each, and you can mix multiple animation to generate amazing effects.

4. Clear Badges: The jailbreak app that makes it incredibly easy to remove unnecessary home screen badges. The app allows you to double-tap on an icon to clear out a badge from the icon, and additionally offers an SBSettings toggle to remove all badges, and even a gesture to clear all badges.

5. AutoResponder 2: The iPhone 5 compatible version of AutoResponder and will allow you to set auto-responding texts that’ll be delivered to individuals who message you if you can’t consequently answer their messages in a swift stretch of time. The messages can be set up from the preferences, and you can even pick a hold up time so it’s appear natural that you are using typing the messages yourself.


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