Ringtones Extraction Tool For iPhone: Get the Best Tones From Favorite Apps


Even iPhone 5 and iOS 6+ has failed to satisfy users with the default list of ringtones as they are usually found searching for that perfect tune. Now, a jailbreak tweak will allow you to get that favorite tune you always wished while playing games or using an app.

The new jailbreak app called AudioExplorer+ allows users to scan all of the installed apps and games for the audio files. Once located you can then use the music files to import them into iTunes and have them as ringtones on your iPhone.

The first time AudioExplorer+ is launched it will prompt you to scan entire installed application’s library for music files. The scanning operation is quite swift as it usually takes not more than a minute to list all the audio files found. Once the process of scanning is completed the files are organized from a to z. One of the nice feature offered by AudioExplorer+, is that it will list entire audio files under the app, despite different directory structure. So, you will have access to the files directly without moving through structure of directories.

Adding extracted sound files to the iTunes ringtone library, is also very simple. Simply, hit that blue triangle button beside the sound you intend to have, hit Add to, and then touch over the Ringtone or iPod Library. This will import the selected audio files to the queue, that can be utilized by hitting the Queue button located on the bottom of the application. All of the stuff in the queue can be converted by hitting the Save button located on the top left-hand of the Queue page.

Once the files are transferred to the iTunes, simply move over to your iTunes app or go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone to pick the ringtone imported.

You can have the app for free in the trial mode, but to gain access to all the feature you will have to pay 99 cents for the pro version available on the Cydia app store.


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