iPhone Camera Launch Trick: Capture Photos and Videos From inside Any Running App


iPhone 5 with a powerful camera and companion app is still missing a convenient and easy way to launch the shooter. The recent inclusion of the camera launching button on the lock screen means ensures a instant access to the camera, but a developer at Cydia has given the idea a new dimension through a jailbreak app InstantCamera.

The InstantCamera as the name suggests delivers practically the same operation, which is the ability to launch camera app instantly from anywhere on the phone. The installed application will minimize the hassle of needing to exit the currently running app or double pressing the home button to access the multitasking tray to start the Camera app to record the moment.

The trick developer has utilized is very simple by making use of Activator library and enabling users to set a custom action for the app to be launched. Even though it does not clutter the homescreen by adding extra icons, end user can configure the custom gesture from native Settings app to open the Camera app. Next time whenever you need that camera in urgency, simply use the preset gesture from within any application to capture the best photo.

Another advantage the app provides over other similar gesture based app launching is the ability to return to app from which have accessed the application. InstantCamera is available via BigBoss repo and will cost you only $1.00 to get the complete package.


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