iPhone App That Takes Pictures Without Starting Camera: Fastest Photo Capturing Tool


Smartphone cameras have become significantly better, and even though iPhone camera has received new and powerful sensors, iOS has still to bring quickest way to capture a moment. We recently noticed iOS introduced the camera button to the lock screen in the form of slider, but in case you still are seeking a faster way to capture that special moment, then Cydia has a tweak for you.

The jailbreak developer flux has posted a great tweak called QuickShoot which lets you take a photo almost instantly by simply tapping that Camera icon. Usually, there’s merely a second or two to capture that precious moment, and in scenarios like this, this jailbreak app may be the difference between the right picture and that blurry photo.

After getting installed, QuickShoot doesn’t truly modify the existing features of iOS camera, but you will receive the added benefit of quicker photo capturing functionality. Comparing the QuickShoot with many such apps claiming, this may perhaps be the best tool, and works with both the iPhone and iPod touch.

The QuickShoot will not bother you will any configurations or settings, simply deploy and you can use it right away. However, the app requires iOS 6 or above, and naturally assumes on you owns a jailbroken handset.

QuickShoot is completely cost-free, and is available via BigBoss repo. Currently, it will just take standard photos, and the missing settings panel mean you can’t flash, exposure or focus. However, the upcoming updated will receive all the required functionality as promised by the developer.


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