iPhone 5 Running HTC One Weather And Clock Widgets


iPhone 5 owners enjoying the recently launched jailbreak tool can take the customization to the level next by having HTC One Widgets running right over the iOS 6 firmware. Even though the HTC One has yet to arrive, the Sense widgets for weather and clock is available via Cydia only for iPhone owners.

Recently, several HTC Sense UI inspired Cydia themes have been offered on jailbreak app store, and now, this new HTC One widget is getting all the good reviews. Even if you feel iOS is good for its simple and easy interface the new theme will definitely attract you for its Sense styled big clock and animated weather icon.

However, the new Sense Widget, requires PerPageHTML jailbreak app to be installed first, and it may force many resource aware users away as it is a bit of a resource hog. If you decide to install the theme, which is a free to download offering via Modmyi repo, you just start PerPageHTML, pick the available HTC One X widget, and enjoy it after a respring.


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