iPhone 5 Buzzing Awfully Bad On Desk? Make that Phone More Civilized


The phenomenon is so common that it does not require into introduction as practically every iPhone user has encountered the awful, amplified annoying buzzing sound of vibrating iPhone while sitting on the desk or any flat surface. The solution is as expected made available by a developer on the jailbreak app store. The all new Cydia app called MyVibe allow iPhone owners to stop the phone vibrate altogether while sitting on a flat surface.

The app works by identifying the surface on which the phone is lying, if the iPhone is positioned flat on a hard surface that usually includes desk and table, then MyVibe would stop the device from vibrating.

After installing, MyVibe offer only a few options to configure via dedicated preference panel. The video uploaded on the YouTube explains the rest.

Once this top Cydia app starts and vibration elimination is enabled, you’ll notice a small icon indicating vibration right on the status bar. This is to inform the user that the application is in action and you can disable if you wish. You can also disable the icon if you find it intrusive. The app is a quite recent jailbreak tweak and is not free.

Finally, MyVibe also includes upside Down Silencer mode, which when enabled switch on the iPhone’s internal Do Not Disturb feature, all you have to do put the iPhone upside down on a table. However, the Do Not Disturb only comes into play while the iPhone is locked.


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