HTC One Hidden LED Notification Lights, Enabling Beat Audio, Adding More Home Screens


HTC flagship Android handset HTC One has been so far successful in creating enough interest among buyers that people are already asking various questions related to features and functionality. Among the top queries the following are few interesting, collected from various forums and discussion boards.

1. Does HTC One offer LED notification, first introduced with HTC Droid DNA?

Well, the answer is yes there a notification light concealed towards the end row, in the top speaker, on the third hole from the left.

2. Can we add more Home Screens to the HTC One single screen interface?

The Sense 5 running on the HTC One by default offers only one home screen, but user can add up to 5 home screens. To do that simply go to the “Customize home screen” in settings by long pressing over blank area on home screen or you can simply go to the “Personalize” area of the settings and then tap over the “add panel” button.

Once added, you can even decide as which home screen panel will you jump to by default whenever you press the home button.

3. How to add those big and well-known HTC clock widget on HTC One?

Now, that HTC One does not offer those iconic and large Clocks by default, you can have them added on home screen as widget.


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