First Android Wallpaper With Live System Information: Stunning Look With Real Data


Android Live Wallpaper is among the favorite customization option that most of the individuals try once in a while to give that different look. However, most of the available live wallpapers are simply for display, and are only for show without any practical use. Now, a new live wallpaper called Device Info Ex actually deliver both, stunning look as well as every bit of data about the phone internals live on the homescreen.

Device Info Live Wallpaper supply you with a live wallpaper that shows details about your Android device. The information are not just basic stuff, but full figures ranging from battery voltage, CPU load, RAM utilization, temperature, compass alignment and more. The features makes Device Info as the best live wallpaper for its ability to deliver amazing scrolling sight that displays details about the phone, for example model version, speed of the processor, and software build. Attached to the system info is the a huge date and time monitor, which will also check through the seconds if configured from the preference panel.

The wallpaper comes with a dedicated settings panel to configure the various aspect of the display like changing the text and background color, along with the luminosity of the figures in the monitor. Additionally you can separately toggle the display of the section, and if you wish to modify the layout then also the options are there for you.

Device Info Ex Wallpaper delivers a great deal of what folks are seeking in terms of phone personalization, and as opposed to requiring a widget you can have it with the wallpaper. The best part is that despite the raw system information, it really visually amazing as well.

You can download the wallpaper using the link below, but if you are looking for a free stuff then this one is not for you as the developer is asking $1.12, which again is not much considering the powerful features provided.

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