Best Way To Get To Precise HomeScreen Page On iPhone In One Touch


You will find different iPhone owners with various justification to jailbreak the iPhone. While some wish to modify the appearance of the interface, many love adding extra gestures to navigate across the iOS. Today, a powerful Cydia app available via BigBoss repo will make moving around homescreens a breeze by offering power to jump directly to a specific page.

The new Jailbreak app called PageJumps gives the easy page switching operation compatible with all the new Apple iOS products including iPhone 5. The operation of the package is fairly simple; hitting a numbered icon instantly takes the user to the affiliated home screen on the device.

Once the app is installed, it instantly employs nine numbered icons onto the home screen, and each icons match a page on the device. All of the page icons are 100 % Retina-equipped, perfect for those using one of Apple’s pixel rich display devices. Icons for pages can be deleted from default nine if a select few home screens are present on your iPhone.

The page icons are designed not to clutter up the iPhone’s home screen and can also be placed into a folder to ensure that they’re away from view. Inserting them into a folder doesn’t impact the functioning of the tweak. Unlike homescreen navigation apps available on Cydia PageJumps is totally free to install.

PageJumps is totally free to download without any particular iOS requirements.


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