What is Samsung Galaxy S4 Most Intriguing Feature Besides Spen And Octa Core CPU?


Samsung Galaxy S4 will find the specs based battle hard to fight against HTC M7 and iPhone 5S, so the Korean company is going to offer much more than Octa-core processor. Apart from the newest ground breaking hardware technology, Samsung GS4 will highlight a few trick that will make it yet again the best Android phone 2013.

In 2012 Samsung Galaxy S3 impressed buyers with a number of natural motion gestures that helped users to interact with the handset in an natural way. As an illustration, answering a call on Galaxy S3 by positioning the phone to user’s ear would carry out the process without actually touching the screen. Samsung Galaxy S4 is all set to extend the list of such touchless gestures.

The story published on a Korean daily suggest that Samsung will use an Atmel chip to process gestures performed within the range of the display without having to touch the phone. Along with touchless gestures, Galaxy S4 will receive the popular features found on the Galaxy Note 2, and the most prominent is the Air View functionality, and this will happen without a stylus.

The Galaxy S4 users will also be able to achieve the flicking gestures that will allow them to scroll through pages without touching the display. Samsung already has a patent for the flicking gesture and this year you may get it on the GS4.

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