Samsung Galaxy S4 With Accessory Wrist Watch: HTC One And iPhone 5S Under Pressure


The top two smartphones 2013, iPhone 5S and HTC One are facing the toughest challenge from Samsung Galaxy S 4 as the Korean company is also expected to release an accessory called Galaxy Watch. According to a report published by SamMobile, Samsung will roll-out a “mini” edition of the Galaxy S4 together with a wrist watch called “Galaxy Watch”. The Galaxy S4 accessory is being claimed as a challenger to the Apple upcoming iWatch.

The news of a prospective iWatch competitor is lot more exciting as compared to reports on Galaxy S4 Mini, however, both Apple and Samsung have said nothing officially on the subject. Even though Apple iWatch exposure has steadily risen within the last few months, Galaxy Watch phenomenon is relatively new.

The Galaxy Watch specs and other details are totally missing from the revelations, and some of the industry experts are even raising question over the requirement of such smart watch running mobile operating system. However, the success of the recently launched Pebble Smartwatch is clearly the best indicator that the time has arrived for such accessory.

The Galaxy S 4 is said to be arriving in late April, but the Galaxy Watch rumors has given a new twist to the upcoming Samsung flagship Android phone.


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