Samsung Galaxy S4 Unveiling: Certain For March 14th In NYC


Samsung Galaxy brand under direct threat from the HTC One and Xperia Z is confirmed coming on March 14th at a special event in New York. Samsung Electronics after much speculation has finally announced the company is all set to launch the next-generation Galaxy smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S IV is the topic of discussion for a long time, and now as the South Korean manufacturer validated that an event will be held in New York on March 14th to unveil the phone.

The Galaxy S 3 has been extremely profitable and has pushed all the competing smartphone almost out of the market, but the brand is facing the toughest challenge from both iPhone 5 and other Android makers. The unveiling event will be held in NYC, the same city that previously hosted all the grand launch ceremony including the HTC One M7. However, the launch of the Galaxy S 4 is the first to be organized in the usa in the past several years. Earlier unveiling happened in European locations, but it really appears that Samsung is taking US based mobile networks seriously to carry the event in America that time.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is under pressure to come out with specs and feature that can somehow beat the HTC One offerings. Based on previous leaks Samsung is relying heavily on features like Spen and a new Android 4.2 based feature called orb, capable of taking stunning images in 360. People are also expecting to find a much better screen with a better specs camera than seen on GS3 along with the addition of a quad-core cpu.


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