Running Windows Software on Android Device Without Emulator


A Software that can run Windows applications on Android and it is not even an emulator. The magical tool is called Wine and lets users on Android phone and tablet run Microsoft Windows apps. The developer behind the tool, Alexandre Julliard demonstrated the software running on an Android setting at FOSDEM in Brussels.

Demonstrating the Wine running on Macbook which again is powered by Linux and the Android emulator, the result was impressive minus the speed which was notably slow. The lag was pretty obvious as the version of Android running on Mac was itself relying on an emulator.

The idea behind running Windows software compiled for ARM processors on Android phones and tablets is very compelling. However, it somehow depends on Intel’s capability to push the X86 processor to manufacturers making Android tablet.

An Android tablet powered by Atom CPU will allow the developer to thrust their CrossOver professional solutions, want MS Office, for both individuals and business customers.

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