iPhone 5 Jailbreak: First Few Cydia Apps You Can Install Right Away


The Cydia on iPhone 5 is only fifteen percent away from the final release, but even after getting the jailbreak app store on your handset you cannot install top jailbreak apps. Most of the Cydia apps are still not compatible with iOS 6.1 and taller display, and it will take weeks if not month for developers to make them work.

However, the few jailbreak tweaks that you can install right away after jailbreaking iPhone 5 using evasi0n are:

1. IntelliScreenX 6: Along with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.1, the Notification Center upgrade features Calendar upgrades, flashlight switch and some minor fixes. IntelliScreenX 6 can be obtained for $10 for new users. The owners of the existing application will have to pay $4.99 to upgrade. However, if you bought IntelliScreenX after December 1st 2012, then the upgrade is absolutely free.

2. MyWi 6: The popular Wi-Fi hotspot tweak that allows user to share internet via your own WiFi Hotspot or USB. The app will basically turn your iPhone 5 into a WiFi hotspot, and share that link with other gadgets. The app is now fully compatible with iPhone 5 and iOS 6.1 and will cost $19.99 for new users.

However, existing owners of the MyWi will have to pay $4.99 to upgrade to make it iPhone 5 compatible. The free upgrade is only for those who purchased MyWi after December 2012.

3. Messages+: The Cydia app that allows user to compose or reply to a SMS from anywhere in the iPhone. The app will cost you $7.99 and much like MyWi 6 and IntelliScreenX 6, you will have to pay $4.99 to upgrade.



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