iPad Receives ProCutX App to Simplify Final Cut Pro X Editing From Tablet


Developers at Lightwork Solutions have released its first ever iPad app for Pixel Film Studios, company behind Final Cut Pro X. The new iOS app called ProCutX allows users to edit and control Final Cut Pro X on their Mac from the comfort of iPad.

The iPad companion app for Final Cut Pro X replicates the UI of the video editing software making it easier for professionals who are in the business of movie making and editing.

The list of features that makes ProCutX so powerful is its ability to liberate user from the menus and tabs to simplify the editing work. The app provides users power over all the FCPX editing resources in a single interface, getting rid of the requirement of hitting looking through the menus on the Final Cut Pro X.

The iPad version offers all the FCPX editing methods ranging from importing to exporting the media. The application offers an array of benefits, like quick retiming, precision timeline scrubbing, color grading, timeline zooming, and compound clip editing.

However, the ProCutX is not for all of us as the interface and feature is meant only for professional who know every aspect of Final Cut Pro X and deal in projects that require more than iMovie.

If you are in the business then ProCutX will cost you $25 and requires an iPad running iOS 5.1 or later.

Click here to download the app from the iTunes app store.


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