Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Enabled With Simple Trick


Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to bring wireless charging as one of the features, but for those on Galaxy S3 willing to have the capability can try a simple mod from XDA. The trick to get wireless charging will cost you only $25 in material, and you can finish the project in less than ten minutes.

Wireless charging is not a new technology, but the recently released Droid DNA and Nokia Lumia handsets brought the technology to limelight, and buyers are demanding the feature on upcoming smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S 3 is still the most popular Android phone available and adding wireless charging capabilities makes it more attractive.

The mod requires the old Palm Pixi Touchstone, as the major wireless charging parts will have to be carved out and reattached to the vinyl clip-on back shell of the GS3. Obviously, additionally, it calls for the Palm Touchstone Charging dock, plus a Palm Pre wall adapter and USB wire. Each of the items must be genuine Palm.

It’s an awesome modest alteration, and when completed your Galaxy S3 will charge wirelessly. You can see the whole tutorial as Cnet has uploaded the video.

via Cnet



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