Fast And Easy Android App For Creating Backups: Rooting Not Required


Android owners who love flashing new ROMs and playing with mods are always unhappy with the part where they have to take the full backup in recovery or nandroid. The process is troublesome, but necessary obstacle, and to make the situation easier XDA-Developer Goddchen has created a tool called Easy App Toolbox, a type of all-in-one solution.

The developer is also behind the favorite Nandroid Browser, and you will find the latest offering from him similarly pleasing. The Easy App Toolbox is as refined and easy, and in lots of ways much like the widely used backup tool Titanium Backup, that is utilized by most by users.

Easy App Toolbox provides the tools to backup your phone’s apps fully, and quickly keep info in the cloud via providers like Google Drive or Dropbox. Although the Play Store offers helpful feature to recall which apps you have installed or purchased and you can re-download, but your essential information including scores made on games will be lost.


Easy App Toolbox allows you to get all of your data back after completing the flashing process in the easiest way, and it cloud thing is not easy for you then take backup and restore via PC.

Even though it will be hard for users in habit of using Titanium Backup to switch over to the new backup tool. However, the Easy App Toolbox is easy considering it does not require rooting. So, if you’re searching for root-free substitute for Backup, use the link given below to download.

Download link


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