Top 5 Android Apps To Start 2013: Includes Games And Widgets

The ever increasing number of apps and games on the Google Play Store are too confusing for users looking for the best Android apps. So, we have regularly updated readers with the list of selected and must have apps and games worthy of installation.

1. Growtopia: The game offers a 2D game sandbox where you can build your own levels. Gamers can gain or buy jewels that are utilized to quickly generate things or obtain locks. Developing obstacle modules applies well to the game controls, yet , that which you make is up to your imagination. Click here to download.

2. Panorama – 360: As the name suggest, is a truly fascinating panorama app not simply for the photos it can capture, but for the integrated social networking capability to share the images. This is a top Android photo app that does a great work at getting complete 360-degree surroundings pictures, with a User interface similar to the Android’s new Photo Sphere usefulness. As soon as you take your photo you save or publish it for other people to view. You may also flick through famous panorama shots posted based on the location as well as type. Click here to download.

3. Animated TARDIS Widget: A must have Android widget for the fans of BBC series “Doctor Who”. The widget allows you to take the legendary Police Call Box and place it on your Galaxy Note 2 home screen. Simply tap over it any time you want to and immediately the TARDIS will turn on and diminish in and out with a noise. Click here to download.

4. AntennaPod: Well, podcasts app are available in plenty and if you are regular with the phenomenon, then you might already have installed one. However, AntennaPod is a fairly good, free podcatching android app. First of all, the feature worth mentioning is the ability to import your current podcast subscriptions into the app by using an OPML file. You may find adding the existing subscription little painful as it requires sticking the file into a certain folder. Once finished the app will not disappoint you. Click here to download.

5. Super Monsters Ate My Condo: The most addictive games are always those with simple graphics and neat animations, and today we have yet again found a game that fits the category. Super Monsters Ate My Condo is the subsequent version of the game and is packed with all new levels and graphics better than the original, and best thing it’s free. The game is vey interesting where players are required to match condominiums in a straight tower by color. Once you get several in a row, they transform into the next level condo and you obtain points. There is a creature on both sides that’s not delighted at your success and shake the stage a bit. Click here to download.


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