Samsung Galaxy S4 Big Home Button And Thin Bezel: Still Plastic And Cheap


Unlike iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is yet again not going to receive anything other than polycarbonate for the body, giving it the same toy look and feel of GS3. Ever since the launch of Galaxy S 3 i9300 in 2012, rumors started appearing about the next flagship from Samsung. Initially it was all related to the Galaxy S4 specs, then design, and now almost every little thing.

Previously, many of us thought the leaked Galaxy S4 image from SamMobile as genuine, but despite its authentic look, there were some skepticism around it. On the other hand, now, we’ve got what might be the original appropriate media image of the hard-to-find, Galaxy S4 from Samsung.

Originating from Picasa, the photo appears to have been there undetected for quite a while before individuals identified it as a likely version of the forthcoming Galaxy S IV. Also, it comes with a caption that says Galaxy S 4 GT-I9500 Image.

There are a variety of points to take into account before confirming the image on Picasa is real. Primary fact is that it varies a lot from the images leaked by the SamMobile’s previously, and reveals a bigger home button as opposed to Galaxy S 3. After that, it also seems to have a leaner bezel in comparison to the GS3, and also appears have a lot more symmetrical edges, giving GS4 a better look than its predecessor.

An additional fascinating aspect to observe in the image is the date that’s displayed on the main screen. Initially, when the images of the Galaxy S 3 were leaked, the date was May 3, that was precisely when Samsung unveiled the phone. Now, this Galaxy S4 image says April 22. Could it possibly be the day when Samsung will announce the phone to the masses.


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