iPhone 5 Case With Folio Design that Provides Stand Like Smart Cover


iPhone 5 aluminum body demands a protective layer to have a surface that is free from scratches blamed for ruining the look and feel of the expensive phone. However, most of the iPhone cases come with their own weight spoiling the super-thin profile of the handset.

The answer to the problem is a folio style case for iPhone 5 called SurfacePad, which unlike various other protective case does not add bulk to the smartphone. The SurfacePad for iPhone 5 offers a defensive layer of leather that cover both the rear as well as the front of the phone. Another unique attribute associated with SurfacePad is that the layer on rear of the phone sticks using provided adhesive that does not leave any mark when detaching.


With thickness of a credit card, this top iPhone 5 case doesn’t go over the rim of the unit and therefore it doesn’t hurt the phone’s sleek shape in any way. An additional hidden feature offered by the SurfacePad is a built-in stand for enjoying videos and having comfortable Skype and FaceTime video calls.

SurfacePad is available for iPhone 5 as well as iPhone 4/4S and cost $34.99 each, and for those concerned about the color options, it comes in white, Red, and Black variants.

Click here to order your own SurfacePad for iPhone.



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