iPhone 5 Battery Case: Two Days Without Charging Protects Against Falls And Scratches


The iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest of all the Apple phones released so far, and still the battery inside is capable of lasting more than the rival handsets including Galaxy S3. Now, you can add not hours but days to the same iPhone 5 by using a new battery case from uNu unveiled at the CES 2013.

Unlike regular battery cases, this new iPhone 5 battery case is designed in accordance with the sleek iPhone 5 body, making it a case that is not only made to guard the device but also boost the battery life by almost 48 hours without charging. The company behind this new iPhone 5 battery Case is uNu, and is positively worth examining if you think your iPhone 5 charge does not last long enough.

Earlier, uNu battery case for iPhone 4S was so successful that buyers were finding it hard to spot on the internet. Now, the company has redesigned the same battery case to add days to the iPhone 5 battery charge, and again it has received huge response from the community. The case is created to have exact cut-outs for all buttons on the iPhone 5 enabling users to have unhindered access to mute, power and volume buttons. The gap around the iPhone 5 microphone is specially designed to make certain that the call quality is retained in addition to properly located slots for headphones.

The extended battery on uNu case is a 2,300 mAh core which should essentially double the estimated iPhone 5 battery life. It effectively increases your talk time meaning iPhone 5 could last for 48 hrs on a single charge. Even though that’s still far from what iPhone 5 can handle, it’s a substantial upgrading and will prove life saving in many situations.

The fantastic thing about this battery case notably is how small volume it adds to the iPhone 5 body. You can read more on the availability and uNu iPhone 5 battery case price by visiting the official site below.

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