How Missing iPhone 5 Jailbreak Forcing Fans To Android?

Apple may have won the battle against jailbreak community by releasing toughest iOS to crack, but it has forced many to find refuge in the Android platform that still is open to tweaks and third-party enhancements. The gloom over missing iPhone 5 jailbreak has taken over the jailbreak community and even top iOS hacker pod2g tweeted his frustration today around the existing status of iOS.

According to the hacker he’s noticing lots of his friends moving from iOS to Android, and that he would like to see Apple making the mobile OS open up for more tweaks and themes to stop the migration. He suggests that there exists no technical issues stopping Apple from permitting coders to submit themes or tweaks as it may well only need to expand its SDK and API. And it also could evaluate them much like they are doing with App Store applications before granting them approval for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The hacker’s thoughts clearly indicates the lack of exploits that the team can utilize to jailbreak the new firmware, and even suggest that iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak is not coming soon. However, the revelation from a top hacker has started a Twitter campaign titled “WeWantAnOpeniOS,” which founder FlawlessFox (of WWJC) declares will be emailed to Apple as soon as it has obtained enough votes.

I don’t honestly grasp the reason behind the remark as an open Android also makes it vulnerable to hackers, who have already posted thousands of Android trojans and virus affecting millions. Apple on the other hand should take the hint and at least open iOS for stuff like themes, 3rd party iOS widgets, and other simple mods.

However, if Apple ever decides to act on the petition then the biggest loser will be the Cydia app store as it will find it hard to survive the environment. If you’re eager, you can sign the WeWantAnOpeniOS petition.


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