Geohot iOS Camera App: Reactions To The Waste Of Talent


One of the most talented of all the jailbreak hackers Geohot is not working on iPhone 5 jailbreak, but has invested his intelligence creating a photo app that lacks practicality and even maturity.

George Hotz aka Geohot, is back in the news for a new iOS app called “Reactions”, that gives “capturing a moment” an exciting new perspective: taking shots of your facial reaction to an image captured with iPhone and after that sharing it with friends via social media automatically.

There was this hit song from some lady a decade back “That don’t impress me much”, and the app will remind you of the song, but still there are experts who are calling the app as good as a mix of Instagram and Photo Booth for iPhone.

The app allows you to use iPhone’s rear camera, to capture images. If the user chooses to have his or her facial reaction captured with the image he just snapped, then the app offers a button on the top-right corner of the screen. Once the button is clicked the app first uses rear camera to capture the scene and then utilizes the front facing camera to record the face reaction, combine both of the photos and reveal the result on social sites.

In case you are interested in installing the Geohot’s iOS app, then you will have to wait as Apple is reviewing it before publishing it on the iTunes app store.

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