Best Trick To Solve Android Games Lagging Issue: Boost Nexus 7 Experience

Unlike iPhone and iPad, users on Android can always rely on XDA for its huge community dedicated to the Android platform. The developers at XDA forum are always in news for releasing solutions and tips to enhance the overall Android experience. Today a top XDA Member lambgx02 has published his tool with the Seeder Entropy Creator to stop prolonged gaming lag on a number of Android devices, particularly the tablet Nexus 7.

The most popular Android tablet has become a craze ever since launching in the midst of 2012, but even with powerful processor and polished Android OS, you’ll find it has its share of flaws, and one that particularly is found along with other Android devices is that of the games lag.

Even though most of the Android owners have learnt to live with the lagging issue, lambgx02 has arrived with an incredibly amazing remedy. The developer found the main source of Android’s lag, and after some research he has created an easy to install Android app. Once installed your Android games will run much faster. Additionally, any individual can implement the tool and does not require him or her to be an expert. All is required for the installation is simple flashing a zip file in recovery.

Of course this functions like a dream with the Android tablet Nexus 7, you’ll find it evidently cuts down on lag issue on a number of other Android phone and tablets. So, If you’re a proud owner of Nexus 7, you must try the official Nexus 7 topic discussed over the XDA, and the link is given below.

via XDA


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