Top 10 Free iPhone 5 Apps: Starting 2013 With The Best

Now, that you own the new iPhone 5, your next pursuit should be to get the best games and apps and if they are free to download it must be in the list. The following are the selected few free iPhone 5 apps that you can download right away using the links provided.

1. Find My iPhone: Among the top apps one that will add security is also listed first in the given list. So, you must activate the Find My iPhone on your new iPhone 5, and if you also own Apple tablet or iPod touch, you then need to have the same app also. This is required to locate your lost iPhone 5 from other Apple devices. [iTunes Link]

2. Temple Run: The only game in the list of the top 10 iPhone 5 apps. However, the game is such a craze that the title hit more than 100 million downloads within a year. [iTunes Link]

3 .Google Maps: Released only couple of weeks back, this is the must have navigation app on your iPhone 5. The Google Maps for iOS 6 is still far better than the one provided by Apple natively. Although, Apple Maps is receiving enhancements, it’s good to get the full Google Maps resources accessible. [iTunes Link]

4. YouTube: iPhone 5 owners are required to download and install the YouTube app manually as with iOS 6 the video app from Google has been removed as pre-installed offerings. [iTunes Link]

5. iBooks/Amazon Kindle: The top bookstore application from Amazon. Your iPhone 5 does not come with iBooks pre-installed, but you can use the link below to download it from the iTunes. [iTunes Link]

6. Facebook and Twitter: Top social networking apps that you will find deeply integrated into the iOS 6 and once installed they become the part of the package offered by Apple. [iTunes Link]

7. WhatsApp Messenger: The must have messenger app used by millions and surely by most of your friends and relatives. The best feature of the app is its SMS-styled messaging using the Internet. [iTunes Link]

8. Pandora/Spotify: There are plenty of free internet radio apps available on the App Store, but both Pandora and Spotify are on the top of the radio apps list. The Pandora is not available everywhere but you can rely on the Spotify. There are other apps like Rdio and Songza and you can try all of them before settling with the one you find the best. Pandora/Rdio/Spotify/Songza

9. Snapseed: The photo editor that was previously available for $5 is now absolutely free as Google has acquired the company and made the application free to both iOS as well as Android. [iTunes Link]

10. Dropbox: The free to download app will allow you to expand your iPhone 5 storage by offering cloud based backup that also allows direct streaming of media files stored over the account. [iTunes Link]


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