Samsung Galaxy S4 Ultimately Will Kill Steve Jobs Dream Of Stylus Free Smartphone in 2013

It was only yesterday when Galaxy S4 specs with images of the handset surfaced on a Russian site. Today, we have a strong lead suggesting the new Galaxy S 4 is coming with the S Pen found only with Galaxy Note handsets. Today’s report on the Galaxy S4 accessory is huge in significance as Steve Jobs revolutionize touch phone by getting rid of stylus, but Samsung is bent on pushing the thing back to the smartphone users.

In accordance with sources located in Samsung’s country, the company is going to offer Galaxy S4 with the S Pen, which is a stylus first launched with Samsung Galaxy Note series. However, this also suggest that Samsung is increasing the size of the next Galaxy phone as the S Pen works best on big display offered by Note 2.

However, experts think Samsung would not make such mistake as it will hurt the hugely successful Galaxy Note market. There is even a group that thinks Samsung may be planning to merge both the brands by releasing Galaxy S4 with 5 inch screen and all the tools found on Galaxy Note 2 that includes the S Pen.

Whatever may be the strategy behind the releasing the S Pen, but it seems Samsung is going through the best of its time as far as smartphone related products are concerned.


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