Running Windows RT On HTC HD2: Developer Cotulla Again

The windows phone from the past has yet again managed to hit the headlines by running the same OS which powers Microsoft Surface. HTC HD2 launched by the Droid DNA maker was created to support the Windows Mobile 6.5, but thanks to smart hackers and developers the phone is now shown running the latest Windows RT operating system.

HTC is known for its high end phones with latest hardware and the same holds true for the HTC HD2. The newest OS to show up on the phone released three years ago is Windows RT, which is the hard work of a developer popular as Cotulla. Previously, he successfully ported Windows Phone 7 on the HD2.

The achievement may not be very helpful for users to access the interface on the 4.3 inch screen, yet it shows that in the future you may expect Windows RT on tablets with bigger screen.

via engadget


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