iPhone 5S: Improved Design To Assemble Handsets Swift And Flawless

Apple iPhone 5 has finally reached a level where users can buy the handset without delay or paying extra on the auction sites. Along with the positive development from iPhone 5 supplies it seems the company is concentrating on its next major release – iPhone 5S.

The reports coming via Apple’s component suppliers suggest that iPhone 5S is already in the testing phase and we have also received images of the handset as posted by the source behind the leak. The photos come via ETrade Supply and come with the following warning:

Considering images, apparently the photos were obtained at the assembly line of an action stage. The shooter has exhibited the front and back side of the casing, which looks much like the iPhone 5. Even so, the reason why we are saying it is an alleged iPhone 5s rear casing is the certain info below the logo, that are supplanted by “X”. Normally, the parts with “X” indicate prototype.

The picture of iPhone 5 is given below for you to research and share your opinion with others by commenting in the text area provided at the end of this post:

However, you will not find any “XXGB” or some different to suggest iPhone 5S prototypes. The rear case exterior picture doesn’t appear different than present models, but the interior is distinct. According to the post published by MacRumors the iPhone 5S could be pre-manufacture versions of the iPhone 5 itself. However, the way screw holes are placed it may be really be an iPhone 5S and design alteration may have been introduced to solve the assembling woes as Foxconn noticed while handling iPhone 5.

via macrumors


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