iPhone 5 USB And SD Card Slot Connector: Three In One Camera Kit

iPhone 5 SD card slot will push your memory from 16 GB to whatever your external card can hold and this is no more mere fantasy kudos to the Chinese firm iPhone5Mod. The must have lightning accessory will help owners of the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4 to handle space required by the captured images and video in HD.

This new iPhone 5 Lightning┬áCamera Connection Kit offers not one but total three different connectivity option and ways to transfer your files and photos from your camera to your iOS device. The Lightning dock connector Luckily, the 3-in-1 iPad Mini Lightning Camera Connection Kit is smartly priced and offers a feature, which you just can’t resist -SD card slot. You will get both microSD slot and USB port, by which you connect your camera to your iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPad 4.

The iPhone5Mod 3-in-1 Lightning connector offers everything you all ever need to connect your camera and all this will come at only $23.90, which will prove really hard for Apple to match. The connector is compatible with the iPad 4 plus the brand-new iPad mini, and you can place the order by visiting the link of the official webstore below.

via iphone5mod


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